Benefits for a better you

Klaviyo has partnered with Forma to provide flexible benefit support that you can use toward a variety of perks that make sense for your lifestyle. Take time to read the FAQs and policy documents for each of these plans. They can be found in the Forma platform.

Who is eligible?

You must be actively employed by Klaviyo when you incur eligible expenses in the reimbursement programs.

Learn more about these perks below.

Always learning? Reimburse it.

Klaviyos are always learning—and always trying to become better teammates, managers, subject-matter experts, and all-around humans. We want to reward you for that!

Learning for your lifestyle

Klaviyo reimburses you up to $3,000 annually for learning expenses: building skills that will make you successful in your current role or in future roles at Klaviyo. We are happy to announce that you can use this benefit for personal learning as well. This benefit perk will be reimbursed through Forma.

Klaviyo Books Program

Our always-learning value extends beyond the typical workday. Whether you’re relaxing with a novel, reading about technology, or learning more about social justice, you can be reimbursed for the books you buy. If you’re better off for having read it or listened to it, we’ll pay for it. This benefit perk will be reimbursed through Forma.

Work your way. Own it.

Working remotely? Klaviyo wants to make sure you have what you need to be successful.

Monthly stipend

You’re eligible for a stipend of $65/month deposited directly into your paycheck. Use it to cover costs associated with working remotely, including cell phone, home internet, and utilities. (All Klaviyos are considered remote based, including those required to be in the office from time to time, until the Boston office officially reopens.) California and Illinois residents can submit remote-work-related costs that are in excess of the monthly $65 stipend for reimbursement through Forma.

Work-from-home office equipment reimbursement

New Klaviyos that work from home are reimbursed up to $1,000 within the first 6 months of employment for the tools and equipment (e.g., monitors and a computer mouse) they need to be effective while working remotely. Discuss your needs with your manager before purchasing supplies. This benefit perk will be reimbursed through Forma.

Klaviyo Platform Reimbursement Program

At Klaviyo, our mission is to empower creators to own their own destiny. This applies to our customers along with our internal creators, Klaviyos themselves, who would like to use the Klaviyo software for their business entities. Due to a desire to utilize the Klaviyo platform, Klaviyo, Inc. created one unique Klaviyo Platform Reimbursement Program. This stipend is meant to provide you with funds to use towards the Klaviyo platform and growing your business.

At the office

Commuter benefits through WageWorks help all HUB-designated Klaviyos pay for the expenses associated with going back and forth to work. To help cover these costs, Klaviyo will contribute up to $300 into your preferred parking or transit account. You can also contribute post-tax dollars to your commuter account to pay for commuting or parking expenses on top of Klaviyo’s contribution. Find more on the internal wiki page!

To take advantage of this benefit, you must meet the deadline and enroll by the 10th day of the month to qualify for participation starting the following month. For example, to enroll for June benefits, you must set your election in Wageworks by May 10th. There is no separate reimbursement for parking or transit purposes outside of the WageWorks commuter program if your first day at Klaviyo falls on or after the 10th. You are able to start taking advantage of this perk beginning the first plan month following your election submission (when submitted prior to the deadline of the 10th).

Note: Only HUB-designated Klaviyos are eligible for this benefit.

Live well? Choose it.

Klaviyo knows how important it is to be mentally strong and physically fit. That’s why Klaviyo rewards you for improving your emotional, physical, and financial health.

$200 Klaviyo wellness reimbursement

Working on your total well-being? Get reimbursed for it! Klaviyos receive up to $200 a year to use for gym memberships, home exercise equipment, massages, nutritional advice, financial counseling, and more. Review the wellness reimbursement policy for complete details.

Find a complete list of eligible uses on the wiki.

Adding it up

Here’s a recap of how much Klaviyo will reimburse you for eligible expenses for each program within Forma. Any unused funds will be forfeited at the end of the applicable period noted below. Policies that detail eligible expenses, claim submission, and reimbursement details can all be found directly within the Forma platform.

Forma wallet

Benefit Amount
Remote Work Equipment
$1,000/first 6 months of tenure
Excess Remote Utilities Cost (CA & IL only)
Determined upon calculation

*Don’t fret! Books are still unlimited—if you go over the $200 monthly limit, we’ll add more funds to your wallet! Email if you need additional funds added to your wallet.

How to submit a claim

If you pay out of pocket for an eligible expense, you must submit a reimbursement claim through the Forma portal.

Important notes:

  • Please make sure that your item name, purchase date, and purchase amount are visible on the receipt. If this information is not visible, your claim will be rejected. If available, please also have your name on the receipt.
  • For purchases made in apps such as Venmo and PayPal or online courses with recurring charges, please submit a screenshot or print screen of the charge and payment.

Don’t forget!

You can use the Forma app to easily upload receipts and submit claims.

Accessing Forma

You can access Forma with the Okta tile on your dashboard. If you are missing the tile please email If you’re enrolling for the first time, please use your Klaviyo email address.

Receiving and spending funds

With your allowance, you can shop in Forma’s online store where you’ll enjoy up to 30% off from Forma vendor partners! You do not need to submit a request for reimbursement when you purchase products through the Forma store. These items are already approved under your program policy.

We recommend adding your personal credit card information to Forma’s portal. If an item from the store exceeds your available Klaviyo-funded balance, it will be denied. You can pay the difference using your personal credit or debit card and still enjoy the discount.

How to add your personal card

Log on to Forma’s portal through Okta. Under Account Settings, select Payments and navigate to Link Card. Enter your personal credit card information to supplement purchases that cost more than the amount you have in your account.

Note: If you do not add a personal card to your Forma account, purchases larger than your stipend amount will be rejected.

Screenshot: Account Settings > Payments > Link Card

Screenshot: Credit Card entry form

When can I expect my reimbursement?

Reimbursement requests will be reviewed by the Forma team within 2–3 business days. You can expect your reimbursement to be included in your paycheck the following month.

Where should I go with questions?

For general questions, please refer to the help center. You can also reach Forma’s Member Experience team by emailing or through the live chat feature directly in your Forma account.


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