Benefits for a better you – Australia

Medical and dental? Retirement savings? Perks? Whatever you’re looking for, Klaviyo has the benefits and resources to support your and your family’s everchanging needs.

Who is eligible?

You must be actively employed by Klaviyo for you and your dependants to be eligible for any benefits programmes.

Your health

Better health? Own it. Live your life to the fullest with benefits and resources that support your overall wellbeing.


Klaviyo offers comprehensive private medical insurance, including dental and optical care, through Medibank for all our employees in Australia. You can also enrol eligible family members. You’re immediately eligible for coverage, and your previous medical history is disregarded.

How much you pay

The percentage that you and Klaviyo cover for you and any enrolled dependants is:

  • Employees: Klaviyo pays 100% of the monthly premium.
  • Spouse: Klaviyo pays 90% of the monthly premium; you pay 10%.
  • Children: Klaviyo pays 90% of the monthly premium; you pay 10%.

The amount you pay is through payroll deductions.

What’s covered

  • Comprehensive hospital and inpatient cover, including accommodation, emergency ambulance, hospital support home nursing, and GP advice line 24/7 health advice line
  • Dental care (includes general preventive and major dental services)
  • Optical
  • Physio, chiro, osteo, and podiatry
  • Aids and appliances
  • Mental health

Modern Health

As part of our continued efforts to make Klaviyo a remarkable place to work and allow you to feel like you can bring your whole self to Klaviyo, we’re introducing Modern Health as a new employee benefit for all Klaviyos and their families.

Modern Health is a wellness platform that makes it simple for you to access personalised care for life’s ups and downs—whether at work, home, or in your relationships. When you log in to Modern Health for the first time, you’ll answer a few questions about your wellbeing* and then be thoughtfully guided to resources that align with your specific needs and preferences.

Watch this brief video about Modern Health to learn how to access care.

How can Modern Health benefit you?

  • Personalised support: Receive support in the areas that matter to you—whether that’s stress and anxiety, burnout, parenting, work performance, relationships, challenging life events, finances, and more.
  • Mental resilience: Gain clarity on how to navigate challenges in your life, create healthy habits, build confidence, and improve your overall mental wellbeing.
  • Community: Find group support sessions designed to be safe spaces to listen, share, and learn with others.

What’s included

  • Eight one-to-one sessions per year with a certified mental health professional or a financial wellbeing coach
  • Eight one-to-one sessions per year with a licensed clinical therapist in your country (with a guarantee of scheduling an appointment within two business days). This service is free to Klaviyos enrolled in our medical plan. It will not affect your access to mental healthcare—including clinical therapy—through your medical plan.
  • Unlimited group support sessions (Circles)
  • A library of guided meditations and self-paced digital courses
  • Personalised and specialised work-life support for you and your whole family, including (but not limited to) people leader services, therapy for minors, ADHD coaching, couples counselling, eldercare, parenting, and caregiving
  • Ongoing wellbeing assessments to track your wellbeing over time

Once registered, you can download the mobile app if you prefer to access services.

All employees should have the Modern Health app in their Okta dashboard, and all new hires will receive a welcome email before the end of their first week to register! Once registered, you can download the mobile app if you prefer to access that way as well!

* This data will be processed under each country’s relevant data protection regulation (such as HIPAA and GDPR, for example).

Your money

More money? Love it. Saving for your retirement provides you with financial security for your future.


Planning for and keeping track of the income you’ll have for the future starts now, with Klaviyo and you. With Klaviyo’s superannuation fund, through AustralianSuper, both Klaviyo and you can contribute towards your retirement.

Klaviyo contributes an amount equal to 11% of your pay to your superannuation. You also can contribute a percentage of your pay to the fund. Plus, you decide how to invest Klaviyo’s and your contributions.

Life insurance

All Klaviyos working in Australia are automatically covered under our group life insurance scheme through Zurich Life.

This cover pays your designated beneficiaries a lump-sum payment in the event of your death or total and permanent disability. The benefit amount is 3 times your salary (capped at AUD 750,000).

Income protection

Group income protection provides you with financial support if you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury. After a 90-day waiting period, you’ll receive 75% of your salary (capped at AUD 10,000 per month) for up to 2 years.

Need more information? Contact Gallagher directly:

Business travel insurance

Klaviyos and their eligible family members who travel on company business are automatically covered under travel insurance—at no cost. Business travel insurance provides you with a benefit if you become ill, injured, or concerned for your safety while travelling for work.

    Your perks

    More perks? Yes, please. Your health and your money are important to living your best life, but so are these added Klaviyo benefits.

    Discover your perks

    From paid holidays to reimbursements, we’ve got the perks to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.

    2024 holidays

    The Sydney office will be closed on the following 2024 holidays. NSW employees will have the day off.

    New Year’s Day
    Australia Day
    March Day of Rest
    Good Friday
    Easter Monday
    Anzac Day
    The King’s Birthday
    Juneteenth (observed)
    August Day of Rest
    Summer Bank Holiday
    Labour Day
    Christmas Day
    Boxing Day
    Monday, January 1, 2024
    Friday, January 26, 2024
    Monday, March 11, 2024
    Friday, March 29, 2024
    Monday, April 1, 2024
    Thursday, April 25, 2024
    Monday, June 10, 2024
    Wednesday, June 19, 2024
    Monday, August 12, 2024
    Monday, August 26, 2024
    Monday, October 7, 2024
    Wednesday, December 25, 2024
    Thursday, December 26, 2024


    A sabbatical provides you with a break from your work and allows you to spend more time doing what you love most—hanging with your family, travelling, pursuing a social service project, or simply relaxing. During your sabbatical, your status at Klaviyo is the same as if you were working every day, with the same access to your Klaviyo benefits and perks like any other day.

    So thank you for everything you do. Now get out there and take time for you!


    Full-time Klaviyos who have been here for 5 years are eligible for 4 weeks of paid time off. In Australia, even if you are ineligible for Klaviyo’s sabbatical program, you are entitled to long service leave.


    Klaviyo has integrated its sabbatical program with Australia’s statutory long service leave entitlement. This means eligible employees in Australia can access their accrued long service leave entitlement, as set out in Klaviyo’s sabbatical policy, sooner than they’re entitled to under applicable long service leave legislation.

    Eligibility to Klaviyo’s sabbatical program tops up an eligible employee’s long service leave entitlement. Nothing in this policy limits any rights that eligible employees have under applicable long service leave legislation. Any paid sabbatical leave (in accordance with this policy) is inclusive of, and offset against, any statutory long service leave entitlement owed to the employee and satisfies all obligations Klaviyo may have under applicable long service leave legislation.

    On the termination of your employment, Klaviyo will only make a payment to you in lieu of any accrued and unused long service leave in accordance with the applicable legislation.

    Get the details

    Check out the sabbatical policy document and FAQs. Or go to the Klaviyo Wiki page (internal access only) for more information.

    Learning reimbursement and books program

    Always learning? Get reimbursed. Klaviyos are always learning—and always trying to become better teammates, managers, subject-matter experts, and all-around humans. We want to reward you for that!

    Learning for your lifestyle

    Klaviyo reimburses you up to AUD 4,250 annually for learning and training expenses: building skills that will make you successful in your current role or in future roles at Klaviyo. We are happy to announce that you can use this benefit for personal learning as well. This benefit perk will be reimbursed through Forma.

    Klaviyo Books Program

    Our always-learning value extends beyond the typical workday. Whether you’re relaxing with a novel, reading about technology, or learning more about social justice, you can be reimbursed for the books you buy. If you’re better off for having read it or listened to it, we’ll pay for it. This benefit perk will be reimbursed through Forma.

    Working remotely

    Klaviyo wants to make sure you have what you need to be successful. So work your way. Own it.

    New work-from-home Klaviyos are reimbursed AUD 700 through Forma within the first 6 months of employment for the purchase of tools and equipment they need to be effective while working remotely. Chat about your needs with your manager before purchasing supplies.

    Commuter benefits

    Commuter benefits through Forma help Klaviyos pay for the expenses associated with going back and forth to work on the train. You can expense your commuter pass for the train within Forma. Klaviyo contributes AUD 200 each month if you enroll.

    Wellness reimbursement

    Klaviyo knows how important it is to be mentally strong and physically fit. That’s why Klaviyo rewards you for improving your emotional, physical, and financial health. Klaviyos receive up to AUD 300 per year through Forma to use for gym memberships, home exercise equipment, massages, nutritional advice, financial counselling, and more.

    Review the wellness reimbursement policy for complete details.

    Claim your cash

    Here’s a recap of how much Klaviyo will reimburse you for eligible expenses for each program within Forma. Any unused funds will be forfeited at the end of the applicable period noted below. Policies that detail eligible expenses, claim submission, and reimbursement details can all be found directly within the Forma platform.

    Forma wallet

    Benefit Amount
    Remote Work Equipment
    $700/first 6 months of tenure

    * Don’t fret! Books are still unlimited—if you go over the $200 AUD monthly limit, we’ll add more funds to your wallet! Email if you need additional funds added to your wallet.

    How to submit a claim

    If you pay out of pocket for an eligible expense, you may choose to submit a reimbursement claim through the Forma portal.

    Important notes:

    • Please make sure that your item name, purchase date, and purchase amount are visible on the receipt. If this information is not visible, your claim will be rejected. If available, please also have your name on the receipt.
    • For purchases made in apps such as Venmo and PayPal or online courses with recurring charges, please submit a screenshot or print screen of the charge and payment.

    Don’t forget!

    You can use the Forma app to easily upload receipts and submit claims.

    Accessing Forma

    You can access Forma with the Okta tile on your dashboard. If you are missing the tile, please email If you’re enrolling for the first time, please use your Klaviyo email address.

    How to add your personal card

    We recommend adding your personal credit card information to Forma’s portal. If an item from the store exceeds your available Klaviyo-funded balance, you can pay the difference using your credit card and still enjoy the discount.

    Log on to Forma’s portal through Okta. Under Account Settings, select Payments and navigate to Link Card. Enter your personal credit card information to supplement purchases that cost more than the amount you have in your account.

    Note: If you do not add a personal card to your Forma account, purchases larger than your stipend amount will be rejected.

    Screenshot: Account Settings > Payments > Link Card

    Screenshot: Credit Card entry form

    When can I expect my reimbursement?

    Reimbursement requests will be reviewed by the Forma team within 2–3 business days. You can expect your reimbursement to be included in your pay cheque the following month.

    Where should I go with questions?

    For general questions, please refer to the help center. You can also reach Forma’s Member Experience team by emailing or through the live chat feature directly in your Forma account.


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