What’s new for 2023?

Here’s a look at our benefits enhancements for 2023. If you don’t enroll before your enrollment deadline, your next chance to make changes is fall 2023 or through a qualifying life event.

Enhanced orthodontia care

We’ve improved our dental plan by enhancing orthodontia (braces) coverage for all covered adults, as well as children and increasing the lifetime maximum for orthodontia care from $1,000 to $1,500.

New! Eye360 PLUS program

With Eye360 PLUS, your vision exams will be $0, and your frame allowance will increase by $50 ($200 total) when you receive care at a PLUS Provider.

New pharmacy partner

Effective January 1, 2023, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will be changing their Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) from Express Scripts to CVS Caremark. You will be issued an ID card to use at the start of the year.

For more information including access to FAQs, visit the visit the BCBS MA website.

Breast pump replacement parts now covered

In addition to covering the initial cost of a breast pump 100%, starting January 1, 2023, participants in the medical plan will be eligible to receive breast pump replacement parts 90 days after purchasing a breast pump and every 60 days thereafter at no additional cost. The parts must be purchased from a contracted durable medical equipment provider within the Blue Cross network.

Primary care goes virtual

To provide additional access to more innovative, convenient, and affordable care, medical plan participants can choose to receive primary care from a select group of providers who deliver services as part of a virtual care team. When you seek primary care and mental health services from this virtual team, you will not pay a copay. For employees who are enrolled in the HSA plan, you must meet your deductible before the $0 cost share applies.

Limited Service Clinics—reliable care at no cost

If you or a covered family member has an ear infection, the flu, a tick bite, pink eye, any other acute illnesses, or needs COVID testing, you can go to a limited-service clinic (e.g., CVS MinuteClinic) at no cost. For employees who are enrolled in the HSA plan, you must satisfy your deductible before the $0 cost share applies.

Changes to your health savings account (HSA)

  • Save more pretax money in a health savings account (HSA)—up to $3,850 with employee-only coverage and $7,750 with family coverage. These 2023 limits include both your contributions and Klaviyo’s.
  • Klaviyo will once again contribute $1,000 toward individual coverage and $2,000 toward family coverage to your account by the end of 2023
  • The company’s HSA contribution will be deposited into your HSA on a prorated, per-pay-period basis, instead of a once-a-year lump sum in January


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